Gracie Loves Her Crate

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2 Responses to Gracie Loves Her Crate

  1. olof1 says:

    She´s so cute 🙂 I doubt any of my dogs would like a crate of their own.

  2. katry says:

    This is the first of my dogs ever crated. She arrived already crate trained, and when I tried to leave her out, she destroyed the house. Not long ago I tried again to get rid of the crate. I left the house for a while and she was free. Gracie was so nervous she stood on the chair looking on the window and there were globs of nervous spit on the floor.

    As you can see, she naps in her crate even when she doesn’t have to. At night, I have to turn on the light to make sure she is there and not still outside as she is so dark and difficult to see. She is the first dog I have been home all the time for so that may be a part of it. The other dogs were used to my working a long day.

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