Francisca Issaka Comes to Visit!

Francisca Issaka was my student 42 years ago and 40 years ago was when we last saw each other. When I went to Bolga this fall, she was in the US, in Ohio, where her daughter lives. Francisca visits the US often and was here for six years when she got her master’s degree from Denver University. Each time she visited, she looked for me. We laughed at the irony that I was here in Bolga, and she was there in the US.

Francisca made a Ghanaian dinner for me and cooked my favorite FraFra foods.

Francisca Making The Sauce for the Meat

Beef Sauce for the Jollof Rice

Groundnut Stew for the T-Zed

The Table Set for Dinner

The Place Setting: The Napkin Cloth Is From Bolga. I Bought the Whole Cloth, Instead of the Usual Few Yards, To Use For Making a New Dress, the Eight Napkins and a Table Runner. The Stools holding the Napkins Are Small Replicas of the Stools Which Represent the Powers of Ashanti Chiefs.

Francisca and Me; I am wearing the dress my students gave me.

Clare, Amber and Tim, my Nephew

The Bounty of the Meal

Mike, My Nephew, Intent Upon Dinner

Jollof Rice and Its Beef Sauce

Guinea Fowl Which I Ordered On-Line. It Was A Hit With the Crowd. It Was, Just As It Would Have Been in Ghana, Eaten With Our Hands; However, We, Unlike the Ghanaians, Did Not Eat the Bones.

I'm Wearing that Silly Hat Which Sang and Danced. That's a Fugu, a Ghanaian Smock, I'm Wearing. I Bought It In the Bolga Market.

Gracie Enjoyed the Company and the Guinea Fowl Sneaked to Her at Dinner.

Francisca and Mike-A Reprieve Before Dessert

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10 Responses to Francisca Issaka Comes to Visit!

  1. olof1 says:

    Great hat πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I wish I could have seen it dance πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    I love those bright colors on the cloth! Unfortunately we swedes tend to dress like our climate, grey, brown and dull during winter when we actually would need to do the opposite πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    Thanks for showing these photographs!
    Have a great day!

    • katry says:

      It is such a fun, silly hat.

      Ghana is so very colorful, at least the women are. Their cloths are always colorful and beautiful, even the simplest dress.

      I wear bright colors because that’s what winter needs. Maybe you should step out and be the first.

  2. Erin says:


    I’m so happy you were able to spend time with your student after all this time! It looks like a great dinner and a good time!


    • katry says:

      It just seemed to amazing after all these years. First, I found all those other students in Bolga then Francisca said she’d visit, but I never expected her to come so soon. It was wonderful!

  3. so great to see the photos!!!! Love to you all from KY!!!
    xoxoxoxo~ Splendid

    • katry says:

      It seemed so strange to have Francisca in my home. I never would have believed it if you told me we’d find each other after so many years. Now, she wants me to go back to Ghana and stay in her house!

  4. greg mpls says:

    ghouls just want to have fun…and some wonderful looking food
    thank you!

    • katry says:

      You are very welcome. It was a fun evening, and the food was perfect. I could have been in Ghana at a chop bar.The hat was silly but I didn’t care!

  5. Cuidado says:

    You must have done a great job in |Ghana to have these students remember and love you so much. You must have shown the importance of education too for Francisca to attain her master’s degree. Your dinner looks absolutely wonderful!

    • katry says:

      Thanks, Cuidado
      I was blown away first that I was remembered so well and second that they remembered so much. Francisca quoted some lessons I had taught them she still uses and remembers. I don’t even remember teaching them. One was I told them to read everything, even a paper on the ground or the newspaper wrappings used in the market for rice and such. It wasn’t what you read which makes you a better reader, it is the reading itself.

      They told me I am always a topic of conversation when they get together at a funeral or a party. It is still astonioshing to me.

      Dinner was perfect!

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