Clare’s Birthday


What can it be?







Wow! Just what I wanted!!




What to you think, Gracie?


      How did Gracie’s toy end up there?


Such a demure dog!


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4 Responses to Clare’s Birthday

  1. olof1 says:

    What a smart little crock pot! They aren’t common over here but I have a bigger one and it’s perfect.
    Yes how did Gracies toy end up there 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • katry says:

      I have three of the small crock pots and use them for hot dips for which they are perfect. Clare had seen mine and wanted one. The worst is Clare used the bathroom and then noticed the toy when she flushed. I had to fetch it and clean it.

  2. Sheila says:

    Clare looked like a little kid opening her presents:) Gracie doesn’t look as white-faced in person. I think the light of the flash makes her fur look lighter. It does that to Moe’s hair too. And mine. And yours. hahaha

    • katry says:

      Clare was excited for her birthday. She had her favorite dinner, dessert and presents. Good to know the flash needs to be on for all our pictures! Haha

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