Christmas Day in my House


Gracie with her new gingerbread toy


Gracie loves that toy


My two little trees


The FraFra mask from my sister sits under the tree


The Christmas star


The dining room tree

DSC_2763The kitchen pepper lights

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Retired and loving life!
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4 Responses to Christmas Day in my House

  1. Sheila says:

    So happy to see Gracie enjoying her gingerbread girl:) Your house and yard are lovely, Kat. Definitely drive-by worthy house and your trees look oh-so-festive! Great pics!!

  2. olof1 says:

    Wonderful trees and Gracie is as cute as ever 🙂

    • katry says:

      Thanks, Christer, and Gracie thanks you.

      That is a new Christmas present for Gracie from my sister. She loves new toys and always carries them around the house.

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