Christmas Outside at My House


The Ornament Tree and the Kissing Ball


The Front Fence


The Palm Tree and the Wreath by the Back Door




Lights on the Front Fence


More of the Front Fence


Fence Lights


The Star on the Back Fence



DSC_2755 The Backyard Wreath

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2 Responses to Christmas Outside at My House

  1. olof1 says:

    Love the colors! and that palm tree is just great 🙂

    Had to shut down my lights in the apple tree, water must have found its way in there somewhere and the fuse pops all the time. I think I might be able to plug it in again if it gets really cold. But I’m hoping that won’t happen, I like this warm winter 🙂

    • katry says:

      All my neighbors tell me they love that palm tree. I keep it up all year, and this is my second one so far. I met new neighbors a few weeks back. Their house is a second one for them, for weekends and summers. I introduced myself as the neighbor with the palm tree, and they said they look for it every time they come.

      Every now and then the rain knocks out my outlet as well. I pop it from inside but then I have to go outside to reset the timer.

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