Around Cape Cod

CSC_2781Storm Number 2 from the window-the best place to be when the snow rages


My Neighbor’s yardDSC_2779

Pine trees blowing in the windDSC_2783

Scargo Lake Ice FishermanDSC_2784

The lines are in the ice. The guys claimed it was safe even though there was water around the edge. They said it was 4 inches thick,DSC_2785

Sesuit Harbor from Cold Storage BeachDSC_2786

More of Sesuit HarborDSC_2787

Sesuit HarborDSC_2788

Chatham LightDSC_2789

The wind blowing the flags at Chatham LightDSC_2790

Low TideDSC_2791Brave people walking the beach in all that cold and wind

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2 Responses to Around Cape Cod

  1. olof1 says:

    I love walking by the ocean or any water to be honest but not in winter time! Those photos look so cold and if the wind was blowing that har it must have been nasty tgere 🙂


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