Happy Birthday 2014


DSC_2928Caught in mid-air

DSC_2931A spawn wishes me a happy birthday!

DSC_2930My hosts: Tony and Clare

DSC_2932Watch out for that wave, girls

DSC_2929The chocolate one is mine, it is after all my birthday

About katry

Retired and loving life!
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4 Responses to Happy Birthday 2014

  1. olof1 says:

    A birthday by the ocean, can’t be much better 🙂


    • katry says:

      It was a lovely day by the water, just a bit windy as it often is.

      This is the same place where we go for Easter but it is their summer outside tables.

  2. Sheila says:

    A lovely place to celebrate your b-day, Kat. Love the Spawn card-haha.

  3. katry says:

    It was a great spot and they had great bites like sliders. Clare loved finding that card.

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