July 4th

DSC_2908 Land of the Free


Gracie on her lounge chairDSC_2909A game from our so long ago childhood: Go to the Head of the Class

DSC_2906 Cutthroat Sorry


Tony wears red, white and blue!DSC_2901Appetizers and a drink or two

DSC_2900Clare decked out for the 4th


A Baltimore oriole noshing on grape jelly


A goldfinch

DSC_2897The deck plant in all its summer glory

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Retired and loving life!
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4 Responses to July 4th

  1. olof1 says:

    Lots of fun games there 🙂

    I don’t think we have any bird that eats any kind of jelly here, but to be honest I’ve never tried it 🙂


    • katry says:

      They just love that grape jelly so much. The orioles are beautiful birds so I am so happy to see them in my yard.

      The games are all from when I was a kid.

  2. Sheila says:

    Tony and Clare looked very patriotically festive. Even her fingernails were red!

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