I promise to upload Ghana photos tomorrow.




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67 Responses to Ghana

  1. katry says:

    Thank for bringing Halloween to my picture blog!!

  2. katry says:

    I used to follow the Hobo Traveler, especially when he was in Ghana. I saw all his Bolga pictures and loved his market shots.

  3. GnuFOOL says:

    atleast no wild animals to get in the garbage cans

    • katry says:

      I see steps up to the house from the rocks but no steps from the rocks to the house. I figure they use the kayak to come and go. It looks to be on a lake so there isn’t a worry about storms and waves crashing. I wonder if they can just dive from the rocks. It is an interesting house.

  4. katry says:

    I was totally suspicious as soon as he was early to work and how nice Mr. Dithers was. He did deserve that day!

  5. GnuFOOL says:

    I am on Facebook

  6. katry says:

    Are you Gnu Fool with the TV Guide picture?

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