Christmas Eve 2016


 Clare concentrates on her creation


I decorate the roof


We weren’t great spinners.


Tony building

15665938_10208265867273240_1178058966471787105_nOur finished masterpieces

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Retired and loving life!
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2 Responses to Christmas Eve 2016

  1. Birgit says:

    It’s never too late to celebrate Christmas 🙂
    90°F today, I may skip the candles but not the cookies.
    Thanks for new posts / photos, your Easter hat is just great.

    • katry says:

      I was waiting to hear from the vets this morning so I decided to put up the pictures. All my Ghana pictures are also loaded onto the computer so I’ll try and post them tonight or tomorrow (all nearly 300 of them.)

      I’m glad you have that all year Christmas spirit.

      My Easter fascinator got quite the reaction at the restaurant.

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